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The International AAA Master Clown Club, was founded and established on February 20,1995 as a Non-Profit Organization in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The president and founder is Paul "Povito" Vidal. The AAA Master Clowns Club is affiliated solely and exclusively with the YeiPi-Vi World Parent Club for sponsorship and support. The International AAA Master Clowns Club may hold membership in other clowning organizations but it's permanant sponsorship is strictly with YeiPi-Vi World Parent Club.

This club is organized taking into consideration the mores and cultural values of clowns from all around the world. We are different in native cultures and traditions but our hearts share love for our clowning profession and desire to maintain it's high ideals and standards.

Thanks to the collaboration of our Board of Directors and especially our U.S., Exc.Vice President-Richard "Wandering Willie "Atwell, our Regional Vice President-Angel "Willy" Ocasio, and our Secretary Teresa "Blinky" Gretton, we have acheived translating our website from Spanish to English for the better understanding of all English speaking citizens. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website!

Note To All Clowns and Performers:

Our membership is open to professional clowns from all over the world who have a proven record of their level of professionalism as a Profesional Clown and agree to our stipulations and Justice Rules. Professional Clowns are also recommended by the Regional Vice-President/Board of Director for your area or parent members of the YeiPi-Vi World Parent Club.

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