Brenda Marshall, A.K.A., FLOWER


Once upon a time, there was a very normal person, who was a housewife and the mother of two beautiful little girls. On a bright sunny day in June, 1981, something happened that would change her life forever! It was small at first, not really making all that much difference in her daily activities, but before she knew it something, or someone, had taken over every waking moment and much of the space in her average-sized, squeaky clean (not) suburban home! Her husband and her children (pre-teen, of course) were even sucked in for a short period of time.

As time went by, it seemed that all of her earnings were spent trying to satisfy her growing desire to clothe and equip this person who had become the center of attention everywhere she went. Those over-sized shoes (Not really, she has big feet!), that yellow hair, the red bulbous nose and the wild wardrobe (her mother dressed her funny!) became increasingly demanding of her time, attention and especially her energy. She spent many of her days in toy stores and the dollar stores snatching up bargains that looked like they could provide fun and laughter for audiences that now spanned the globe!

And then she began to share her enthusiasm, like a virus, with others around the country. Traveling to gatherings of others like her gave her the feeling that she wasn't alone, and provided opportunities to shop ‘Til she dropped in an assembled shopper's paradise.

As she learned more about the art that engulfed her life, she discovered more characters coming out to enjoy the light of day; one of each of the three basic types, and a few other personalities for specific seasons of the year.

Before she knew what had happened, she was elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the premier organization for people like her, and soon, she was the President! Now she spends her days talking with others around the world about how to continue the growth in this wonderful art and this exciting organization and sometimes attempting to organize the chaos that has taken over her now-married daughter's room!

She finds herself most grateful for her husband of twenty four years, Pat, and her two beautiful daughters, Lacy (now married to Trey) and Laura. They have endured much, and supported even more as this "clown thing" became bigger than anyone ever imagined.

A warning to those who are reading this story: Beware of the clown bug! When it bites, if it really takes hold, there is no telling where it may take you, but the smiles you experience along the way are the very best part of the ride! May God Bless!


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